Empty PM speech, without mention of the financial package: Congress

NEW DELHI: Congress on Tuesday called rhetoric and no details about the prime minister's speech to the nation, saying there was no mention of a financial package or concrete measures to revive the economy.

Principal Leader of Congress P Chidambaram He said: The poor have had to fend for themselves for 21 + 19 days, even practically asking for food. There is money, there is food, but the government will not release money or food. Cry, my dear country. he said on Twitter.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Tuesday he announced that the nationwide blockade will run until May 3 to combat the pandemic, saying the move has produced a significant result by containing the infection.

El portavoz del Congreso dijo que la dirección del Prime Minister era como Hamlet sin el.

Amazing PM management. Exhortation, rhetoric, inspiration ... but hollow in details! Without financial package, without details, without specific elements. Neither for the poor nor for the middle class, nor for industry nor for companies. The blockade is good but it cannot end in Where's the livelihood problem? He asked.

Dijo que el Prime Minister debe estar seguro de que todos los interesados ​​cumplirán con sus obligaciones y observarán estrictamente el cierre.

After this: should we pray? We want concrete palliatives for these private classes and even for middle India and MSMEs, he said.