Arti Singh: yoga has positively affected me

" Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh urges people to practice yoga during these stressful moments COVID-19.

Quarantine has given people the opportunity to do things they would otherwise not have time for, due to their busy work schedules.

In addition to doing daily housework, cooking, and catching up on movies and web series, Arti has also been practicing yoga.

I used to practice yoga every day when I was in Lucknow, but I lost contact between the two. Now that we are all at home and we have time on our hands, I have done it daily. I usually try to do it as soon as I get up or at night, depending on how I feel that day, he said.

Yoga has positively affected me as it helps calm my mind. I encourage everyone to do a short yoga session every day, as these are times of trial that we all face. Yoga will essentially keep you calm and patient, he added.