Churu Collector's Give Up Something Initiative Makes Him a Real Nayak

JAIPUR: The Churu collector's initiative to give up something has gone viral with people from all walks of life, including representatives of people who promise a Spartan life during the current shutdown period to beat the virus.

The collector leads from the front and practices what he preaches. He announced that he will skip lunch until a normal situation returns.

He said that the campaign has two aspects. First, control a person's daily needs. Second, the money saved with small sacrifices would be donated for good causes, such as helping people in need of food and shelter. Since the collector announced this campaign, social media has been flooded with messages supporting it.

Not only district administration officials, people's representatives, and the common man also appreciated the initiate. Inspired by the Nayak campaign, Rajeev Kumar Birda, who has been on an Antarctic expedition twice and known as Polar Man, has announced that the devices he used for his expedition will be auctioned off and the money generated will be used to help those in need.

The Taranagar Congress, MLA, promised that their diet will be completely simple during this closing period.

Freya, 10, said she will only have one meal, while Dr. Liladhar Sharma said: My family will not use ghee, oil and spices. I will sacrifice my breakfast and my milk and donate the same to those in need, announced L D Joshi on Twitter.

He also launched several competitions for all age groups to beat blocking blues as part of community policing. Selected entries will be shared on Churu Police social media daily. The winners will get exciting prizes. The competition is for children 3-10 years old, 11-17 years old (juniors) and 18+ years old (seniors). Participants must record a 30-second video to 4 minutes of acting, dancing, singing, instrumental music, poetry writing, stand-up comedy, or inventing a recipe.