Noboborsho will start with me once we go back and overcome the losses, says Shreema Bhattacharjee

Poila Boishak is here. Without Chatrina Sale, a maddening crowd in Gariahat or Hatibagan, this year Poila Boishakh it's different since the world is fighting coronavirus and India is no exception. Etimes TV spoke to the actress Shreema Bhattacharjee who poured out his heart.

This year’s Poila Boishakh is different. We are all fighting against Coronavirus and still under lockdown. There was no Chaitra Sale There is no maddening crowd in Gariahat or Hatibagan. There will be no celebration like it used to be for Haalkhata . It is not time to celebrate. It is time to unite and continue the fight ”, he shares.

The actress shared how her ‘Poila Boishakh’ has some typical essence with a puja at home, special dishes cooked by her mom and visiting local shops for ‘Haalkhata’.

“Every year, the day starts with puja at home. Maa cooks favorite dishes. In the evening, I visit local shops for Haalkhata. My main agenda behind visiting the shops used to be simple. I keep an eye on the food and soft drinks, they usually serve. But as I said, this year is different. We will have puja at home but nothing else. My heart aches for those who aren’t privileged enough to have food now. ” Shreema took a small pause.

She shared how the recent situation has affected daily life and will leave a very wide impact. “The pandemic has wreaked havoc on us. It has caused us lives that we can never forget and we have to fight hard to overcome the economic effect. Noboborsho It will start with me, once we all start again and get over the loss. I am sure we will win, Shreema explains.