Covid-19: PM Narendra Modi asks citizens to follow these 7 steps

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi In his address to the nation on Tuesday, he urged people to come together and support him in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister mentioned seven key areas where he would like people to help in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

Here is a look at the seven points mentioned by PM Modi:

1. Take care of the elderly at home. Especially those who have a history of ailments. Keep them safe.

2. Closure and social distancing must be followed. Wear homemade masks at all times.

3. To increase your immunity, use the guidelines given by the Ayush ministry.

4. Everone should download the Arogya Setu mobile app.

5. As much as possible, help the poor. See if we can help you with your food needs.

6. In our industries, show compassion for colleagues. Don't fire people.

7. Our doctors, sanitation workers, police, etc. Let's show respect and honor for your work.

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