Cyprus soccer players reject Cyprus's 23% pay cut proposal FA

Nicosia, Cyprus): Cyprus soccer players rejected a Cyprus Football Association proposal for a 23% cut in wages to help teams cope with the financial strain of a suspended season due to coronavirus restrictions

The players' association said in a letter to the FA on Monday that it is unfair for players to take that hit in their annual pay when they play three-quarters of the season.

He said the cuts should be calculated in relation to the losses that teams will incur during the period of suspended play and not throughout the season.

Under the proposal, the association calculated that players would be paid only a fifth of their monthly earnings from the March 15 start of the season suspension until the end of June, when it is expected to be completed.

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The players urged the FA to come up with a more reasonable proposal that follows FIFA's guidelines and was calculated based on the teams' actual losses.

One side should not be the winner at the expense of the other, the association said.

FA's proposal did not apply to players earning 2,000 euros ($ 2,200) or less per month.

The FA responded that it's proposal was fair, and was formulated in consultation with FIFA and UEFA based on proposals that were implemented in other `` more advanced '' championships to help teams deal with coronavirus-related losses.

The FA urged the players' association to sit down and negotiate its proposal, warning that another rejection would force the FA to meet with club bosses to find out next steps.