Online course for Indian archery trainers

KOLKATA: Recognized archery Coach Dr. Pascal Colmaire from France will hold two sessions with selected coaches from India in the coming days.

Although Pascal worked with Indians in the past, this would be the first time that he would interact with them online.

the Archery Association of India (AAI) has organized a fifteen-day online course for coaches on the Zoom platform starting Tuesday. Although all sessions will be from 7 to 10 in the morning, Pascal's classes have been held in the afternoon from 1 to 2 in the afternoon, since he will lead from Europe. The best Indian coaches, including Sanjeeva Singh, Purnima Mahato Lokesh Chand will direct the daily sessions.

In addition to Singh, each of them will be in charge of the sessions on specific days. Singh, the only Arjuna and Dronacharya archer in India, will hold sessions for two days.

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They will cover a wide range of subjects from basic knowledge of equipment tuning, coaching of beginners to mental toughness, fitness, nutrition and diet. the coaches will get to learn about sports injury and rehabilitation along with role of sports psychology in daily practice.

El director de educación y desarrollo de World Archery, Pascal, quien llevará a cabo dos sesiones el sábado y el 23 de abril, hablará sobre expansión e interacción entre el competidor de élite y el entrenador. Pascal formó parte del equipo francés ganador del oro en the Juegos Olímpicos de 1992.

About 100 coaches of Sports Authority of India (SAI) y the estados deben iniciar sesión desde diferentes partes de la India para asistir a las sesiones hasta el 30 de abril.