Prosenjit's message will help you stay optimistic amidst this block

Prosenjit Chatterjee's message with this photo is sure to uplift us at this tasting moment and inspire us to spend the week with a sunnier side of life.

The Tollywood superstar shared a rather artistic photo of a dark room, from which you can see the world lit up by day through the windows. He captions the image with an inspiring message:

Life is not just about darkness or light, but finding light within darkness, he wrote.

This quote illuminates us with the fact that it is our state of mind that will determine whether we view life positively or negatively. Life itself may be full of twists and turns, but that is just its nature. We must remember that we are the ones who need to see things from a positive perspective and look for the good to find them. It may not necessarily come to us instantly, and that's fine. It often happens that we forget some of the things that we are lucky to have and that we should be thankful for, and we mistakenly take them for granted. However, as soon as they are threatened or disappeared, we realize their importance.

The famous actor also reminds us that we must count on infinite blessings and try to see the light, just as he has done in the image: open the windows.