The Government's Innovation Challenge for Developing a Video Configuration Solution

NEW DELHI: As the country works from home due to the coronavirus blockade, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced Monday for the development of a video conferencing solution under the.

The challenge is open to participation from industry, startups and individual experts. The end product will be an Indian software product on par with international applications. It must have a high-quality audio configuration and must work in low and high network scenarios.

The initiative is an attempt to promote Indian software products as envisioned, Meity said.

The challenge will take place in three rounds. In the first round, ten companies/startups will be selected and they will be given Rs 5 lakh each to build prototypes.

Of these, three will be selected in the second round to build the complete solution and will receive Rs 20 lakh each. Of the three, the best and

In order to provide an initial market, the winning team with the best judged solution will obtain a contract to implement their solution for use by central and state government entities for a period of 4 years, in addition to obtaining Rs 1 Crore in the first year and an additional 10 lakhs per year for 3 years. >