Altruist relapses staff after dismissal

Bangalore: Several hundred BPM Altruist India company employees who were laid off were reinstated after TOI contacted management on the matter.

Altruist India had fired employees running Airtel and Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) client programs. Earlier this month, they informed employees through circulars that both clients were downsizing and therefore would have limited business from these companies. Subsequently, they also sent termination notices.

But when TOI asked about the matter with Altruist and Airtel, clients are said to have stepped in to stop the layoffs. Altruist sent a formal email to employees Monday withdrawing the termination letter.

When TOI asked Altruist about it, a spokesperson said: “Altruist has always believed in fairness and transparency with its employees. Even in the current unprecedented circumstances of the Covid-19 crash, we have been quick to listen to our employees. You should know that acceleration and deceleration of employees is a normal business process in any BPO. The process started by us was part of that same regular business requirement. However, given the current scenario and with the support of our customers, we immediately reversed the notices after receiving the voice of our employees.

The spokesperson said they have assured their employees that it will continue to support them despite the cost challenges Altruist faces. Our business processes will continue to function normally and it is the same business as always, the company said. Airtel declined to comment on the matter.

Altruist India is a provider of solutions in BPM, customer management outsourcing and IT services, and has more than 14,000 professionals working in 17 delivery centers. Last year, Hinduja Global Solutions sold its customer relationship management (CRM) business to Altruist.