Exclusive: Bigg Boss 12 fame Karanvir Bohra talks about raising Bella and Vienna during closing

We are on day 20 of the national blockade, announced by PM Modi , which doesn't seem to be lifting anytime soon. the emergency shutdown It has allowed celebrities to enjoy quality time with their family and children, something they rarely have the time or opportunity to do when their schedules are tight and calendars are full.

Celebrities these days have honed in on various skills and roles for their families. Social media is awash with photos and videos of our favorite stars who share the burden with their best halves and families, some even taking on the role of a teacher when schools are closed.

Actor Karanvir Bohra who has twin daughters - Raya Bella y Vienna With his wife Teejay, he talks about the importance of involving children to participate in household chores. “Whatever Teejay and I do, whether it's gardening, cleaning the house, folding the clothes, we make sure to involve them a little. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and they are very proud to have helped and accomplished a task. They love helping around the house, especially watering the plants, they are true people who love spending time with family, Karanvir said.

Bella and Vienna , who turned 3 last October, also have their own Instagram page in the name of ‘TwinBabyDiaries’ with a tremendous fan following on social media. Father Karanvir Bohra further speaks about the importance of inculcating good habits in them at an early stage, saying, “They are at that age right now where they hold on to any habit- good or bad. It’s important to inculcate good habits in them at a young age, we try to do so with being strict and firm with them along with a little bit of sweetness. For any kind of habit, this is the age to start. Earlier they had an erratic sleep cycle, they would sleep late afternoon and stay up late at night. Due to the emergency shutdown , we have developed a good habit in them - now they wake up early at 7am and sleep early by 9 pm with nap in between at 1pm."

This is the age for kids to play in the parks, be out and about, however our current circumstance doesn’t allow for parents to take that risk. So, how is Karnvir managing to keep the two toddlers occupied at home? "There are a lot of things to do for them at home. They color, paint, build blocks, watch cartoons, eat food and so much more. Our whole day goes by spending time with them. The moment they wake up, our day starts and once they sleep that’s when our day ends and we get a few hours to spend with ourselves,” says Karanvir for whom the emergency shutdown has come with a silver lining as the actor is always on the go.