My focus now is on curing patients, says Tara-turned-doctor-actor Ashish Gokhale of Satara's fame.

Acting is his first love and always will be, but in times of crisis, the doctor became an actor Ashish Gokhale is in service 24x7 in a private hospital trying the coronavirus patients

Gokhale was last seen in Tara From Satara in which he played Varun Mane, Roshni Walia's Tara uncle. He has also acted in such films as Akshay Kumar's Gabbar is Back and a Marathi film titled Mogra Phulaalaa.

Before making his acting debut in 2015 with Kumkum Bhagya , he was practicing medicine in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Five years ago, Gokhale shifted base to Mumbai where he started acting in both films and on TV, while straddling a job at a private hospital in suburban Juhu.

Before emergency shutdown I would go for shoots during day time and in the night I come to a multi-specialty hospital. I last shot for a TV show on March 14. I miss being on sets, the moment between ‘roll camera and action 'was magical.

But I am in the role of Dr Ashish now. I don't have to take effort to be in this role. I have learned it for five-and-half years and done practice too. Because of the coronavirus, I am into this 24x7. I want to save people. I want to help in curing this virus, Gokhale, 31, told PTI in an interview.

The GP-actor said the situation can be troubling, but that the best way to save yourself is to stay home.

The human brain is innate negative, your subconscious mind is negative. But your conscious mind is positive. Previous people would say that they are busy in their lives and that they don't have time to exercise or meditate.

One can contain this virus if it stays inside and takes the necessary precautions. Also, this is the best time to analyze yourself, read and enjoy a hobby.

Gokhale said from March 24, the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the nationwide emergency shutdown he has been working on round-the-clock shifts.

He believes that today there is a new love and respect for medical personnel as they risk their lives to save the common man.

But this may not last long, he added.

Doctors are true heroes. Today they are the main workers, they are risking their lives. Now the doctor is God. I remember that every time I introduced myself as Dr. Ashish, people said not-so-good things about doctors.

Existe la opinión de que los médicos engañan a los patients para que se sometan a varias pruebas solo por dinero. Fue un trabajo ingrato. Después de unos días cuando todo está ordenado, los médicos serán tratados nuevamente como antes.

Gokhale said he studied theater in his student years but got into medicine because of his medical parents.

The actor said that his father was completely against his acting career, but then allowed him to go to Mumbai, the city of dreams.

He finally did give me permission to come to Mumbai and said 'I will have to grow on my own'. I told him, 'I will do both, in the day time I will act and during the night, I will be in hospital ', I have recalled.

Days before the emergency shutdown was announced, Gokhale said he was shooting for his to-be launched show “Kyu Rishto Mein Katti Batti”, had wrapped filming for Marathi film “Lagna Kallol” and was on the verge of signing a web series.

Once the emergency shutdown ends, Gokhale hopes more challenging roles come his way.