Tom Hanks receives the first experimental 'SNL' from his kitchen

Veteran Star Tom Hanks , who was diagnosed with coronavirus In March, he presented the first experimental special Saturday Night Live At Home, in which he addressed why his diagnosis had made him feel like an American father while he was indoors.

With COVID-19's security measures in mind, the popular late night sketch comedy show replaced its regular live format with a series of prerecorded and remotely performed sets.

When Hanks appeared on-screen for the opening monologue, there was a round of recorded applause, cheers, and whistles, for which the actor thanked the show's engineers.

It is good to be here, although it is rare to be here as a host SNL 'from home. It is a strange time to be funny. Trying to be funny is' SNL '' s whole thing, so we thought what the heck? Let's give it a shot, the actor said, standing in his kitchen.

The Oscar winner then explained why he was chosen for the hosting duties for the first work-from-home SNL episode, which aired on April 11.

I have been the celebrity canary in the coal mine for the coronavirus. And ever since being diagnosed, I have been like America Dads like never before, since no one wants to be around me and I make people uncomfortable, she joked.

The actor, along with wife, singer-songwriter Rita Wilson, was diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 11 while they were in Australia for work.

Hanks was in Australia for Baz Luhrmann Elvis Presley's untitled film, while Wilson performed at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

The couple spent a week in isolation at a hospital in the state of Queensland in Australia.

After their discharge from the medical center, Hanks and Wilson, 63, continued to be quarantined in a rented house in Australia and returned to the United States on March 28.

In his monologue, the actor praised people in Australia for being fantastic.

But they take your temperature in degrees Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. They say, 'You're 36,' which seemed pretty bad to me. But it turns out 36 is fine. But 38 is bad, so it's basically how Hollywood treats female actors, Hanks said.

The actor then said they were fine now.

My wife and I are fine, we are curled up as it should be. This is the first time he has worn a suit since March 11. I was only wearing sweatpants ... There are no more Saturdays. It's only today, he added.

Hanks explained that the entire show had been filmed by quarantined castmates.

It'll be different and weird but it will make you laugh like 'SNL' does, I promised.

He then imitated the question-and-answer format of a typical host monologue and answered questions of himself in costume.

Stay safe, Hanks said at the end of his monologue, thanking healthcare workers, delivery workers, supermarket workers and front-line responders amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kenan Thompson, at the top of the show when the cast appeared in the format of a video called Zoom, said: It is beautiful to see all of my co-stars.

It's sometime between March and August, Kate McKinnon joked.

The usual performance was played, which featured clips of the band playing remotely along with images of the cast doing different things in their own homes.