Jay Bhanushali praises Salman Khan for doing charity work without clicking photos; Are you digging in Paras Chhabra again?

Jay Bhanushali He has previously talked about how celebrities should keep the identities of those they help private. This came right after the videos from Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma distributing boxes of food to those in need went viral.

Now he has shared another tweet in which he has reacted to the news of Salman Khan helping daily salaried workers in the industry. Jay praised the actor for doing so without sharing evidence of the same on his social media account.

He wrote, "Excellent work by @BeingSalmanKhan &everyoneshouldfollowbydonatingfoodandclickingpictureswiththefooddonatingandnotwiththeneedypersonreceiving..identityofthepersonshouldbekeptinsecretsothatnooneshouldfeelembarrassedtoseethemselfonsocialmedia."

[email protected]&everyone should follow by donating food and clicking pictures with the food don… https://t.co/TQOYwS4EK8 - Jay Bhanushaali (JB) (@ jaybhanushali0) 1586585812000

It seems it's yet again a dig at Paras and Mahira who had publicised their donation.

Previously, Jay had written: Sorry to say, but distributing food to those in need has become a public relations stunt for many of the so-called actors ... if you really want dua/blessing from them or if God leaves your phone in home ... you could see that you don't feel comfortable with the cameras around. #COVIDIDIOT #lockdowneffect #HumanityFirst.

He had added, "If you really want to spread the message of helping poor click pics just with the stuff you are going to donate.pls dont click the pics and make videos with people..sad very sad disappointed at this time ppl want to gain publicity #COVIDIDIOT #lockdowneffect."

Both Paras and Mahira had clarified their intentions.

Mahira had said, "We do understand most of you think it is a showoff and we respect your views. Even we believe that donation is something we do from our heart and there shouldn’t be any evidence of the same. But honestly it was a genuine effort to motivate people to do their bit in these trying times. We are all in this together guys. We have a shared purpose. That’s all we would want to say right now. Stay positive and stay safe! We will get through this...together!"

Even Paras had said in an exclusive interview to TOI, " When people sport branded clothes and share pictures on social media tagging the brands, these people don't find objection in it and they don't see it as show-off, but when I am trying to do some good deed they feel it is show-off. We were trying to inspire others especially the youngsters and our fans to come forward and help these needy people. It was like telling people from well to do families that they can even help needy people. We adhered to all the guidelines that are set by WHO. We were wearing masks, gloves and maintaining social distancing."