ICPF report warns of sharp rise in demand for online child pornography during shutdown

NEW DELHI: Indicating a sharp increase in internet demand during the shutdown, the India Fund (ICPF) has released a report saying that, while in November and December, an average of 5 million searches for child pornography were made in the public website. 100 cities in India, now this demand may have increased by 100%.

ICPF: An organization working on the protection and trafficking of children makes a claim for a 100% increase based on inferences from Pornhub data and corroborating the indications of online data monitoring websites that reflect a Increased searches for keywords such as child pornography, sexy boy and teen sex videos.

ICPF cites data from, the world's largest pornography website, to point out that India's traffic on that website has increased by 95% between March 24-26, compared to its average traffic, pre -Coronavirus.

“This increase has been driven by Pornhub, which makes its premium content free during the block. A significant segment of this spike can be attributed to demand for child pornography content. This is confirmed by online data monitoring websites over the same time period, showing that searches for keywords like 'child pornography', 'sexy sex' and 'teen sex videos' have also increased , and is projected to increase further in the coming weeks. Nivedita Ahuja, ICPF's technology manager, warns, citing the report.

It is also shared that organizations such as Europol, the United Nations and ECPAT report that COVID-19 blocks have led to an increase in demand for CSAM attempts to target children online to 'groom' them, making them friends on social media, creating an emotional connection, and drawing them into activities sexual through photos and videos.

To understand the landscape of child sexual abuse (CSAM or child pornography) material in India and to discourage its demand, ICPF launched a study between November and December of last year. The investigation focused on CSAM demand on the public website and found that the demand for child pornography averaged 5 million per month in 100 cities.

A large majority of people were interested in generic CSAM content involving sex of school girls, and demand for content with specific age groups, sexual actions, and locations was growing, the report states.

It is further stated that of the people who were interested in specific topics at CSAM, a significant number leaned towards violent content. While all child pornography is violent, 18% of people showed explicit intent to watch videos where children suffocated, bled, tortured, suffered, or screamed, they said.

“The demand for this type of content grew up to 200% during the duration of the project. This indicates that Indian men are dissatisfied with generic child pornography and demand violent and exploitative content, the report states.

The CSAM content user base in India was found to be over 90% male and 1% female with an indescribable remainder, but the demand for CSAM was present in all age groups.

Large numbers of people were using virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent the Indian government's ban on CSAM content.