7 states with more than 10 cases/million increase India average, as 50% districts turn Covid-19 positive

BENGALURU: As India continues to report more cases each day with at least 50% of the country's districts now turned positive for Covid-19, data analysis at the state level as of April 12 (tomorrow) It shows that seven large states with more than 10 cases per million have raised the national average to 6.5 per million, which is higher than the global global average.

At night, the Indian average was just over seven cases per million people with over 9,000 positive cases.

Among the 20 large states with more than a million people, only eight states (as of April 12 in the morning) have fewer than four manageable cases per million people, while 35% of them have more than 10 cases. per million, up to 64/million in Delhi.

And among these seven states, Jammu and Kashmir have registered the highest rate after Delhi with over 16 per million, followed by Maharashtra (15.6/million) and Telangana (15/million).

Tamil Nadu has more than 13 cases per million, while Rajasthan has more than 10 but less than 14 cases/million.

These states, representing 19% of the 36 states and UTs in India, have accounted for more than 63% of all Covid-19 deaths (273). However, this is mainly due to a large number of cases in Maharashtra, which had only 47% of total deaths as of April 12 in the morning.

Experts tracking the pandemic point to the growing spread among districts, many of which lack basic healthcare facilities and medical professionals, as one of the key reasons for the high number in many states and the high population density and spread of groups in the case of large cities such as Delhi or Mumbai.

States like Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh that have more than four but less than eight cases per million people.

Among states with less than four cases per million people, which is closer to the overall global average of about 3 per million, Bihar has the best rate with less than one person (0.6) per million on average with positive results up to now while it is similar in (0.9) and Chhattisgarh (0.7).

50% Positive Districts

Furthermore, as various state governments add newer areas to their containment zone list, the latest district-level data accessed from the ministry of health shows that 284 or 40% of the total number of districts in India as of 7 In April, 354 or 50% of the districts reported positive cases on April 11.

The 10% increase is in line with the previous increase, when the number of districts affected by Covid had increased by 30% (211 districts) as of April 3.

However, experts who make projection models say that much more than 50% of districts could already be affected since the latest data from the ministry represents only 6,761 cases, while the total number was more than 9,000 as of Sunday by the night.

Among the states with more than 20 districts TOI analyzed on April 7, Tamil Nadu had 73% of its districts affected, while the figures for Maharashtra and 55% and 57%, respectively. 55% of Haryana districts were hit by Covid, while it was 50% in J&k,39%ingujarat,41%inpunjab,70%intelanganaand48%in.