CBIC asks tax officials not to request the physical presentation of documents to settle reimbursement fees

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has asked its field officers to avoid requesting documents from entities claiming GST and customs refunds.

The CBIC is conducting a 'Special Fund Reimbursement and Return Unit' this month to settle Rs. Rs 18 billion for pending refunds.

In a letter to the top chief commissioners, the CBIC has said that, to facilitate, all communications by field offices should be done with official email IDs.

It should be noted that the prescribed process does not guarantee the physical presentation of documents and any such practice should be avoided, he added.

The CBIC said that the decision to process the pending refund claims has been made in order to provide immediate relief to taxpayers in these difficult times despite the GST Act establishing 15 days to issue the deficiency acknowledgment or memorandum, and a total of 60 days for disposition of claims reimbursement without any responsibility to pay interest.

... all pending refund requests must be processed immediately. However, they can be done before merit refunds are granted, taking into account all relevant legal and circular provisions, he added.

The finance ministry said last week that to provide relief during COVID-19, it was decided to issue all outstanding GST and custom rebates that would benefit around 1 lakh of commercial entities, including MSMEs.

Therefore, the total refund granted will be approximately Rs 18,000 crore, he had said.