The Bengal doctor went on to light candles on April 5

KOLKATA: The West Bengal government showed that a medical officer at a rural hospital turned off the lights and lit candles and candles on April 5 inside and outside the health center after a call from the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi .

According to the cause letter of the program that slapped Tirtha, medical officer of, he had taken photos and videos of his act and shared them on social networks.

The show's cause letter, sent on April 10 by the Medical Director of Health, Jhargram, stated that the Chakraborty act could have caused a fire or some other accident.

The medical officer was asked to explain who had ordered him to do the act, who spent the money to buy the candles and the diyas, and who went to buy them.

Chakraborty was also asked to explain who had given him permission to take photos and videos and why he shared them on social and public networks.

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In this context, you are instructed to explain this incident in writing for tomorrow (April 11) at 2 pm, said the letter, which was shared on your social media accounts by the Governor and the Union Minister.

In a video message to the nation, Modi had urged citizens to light a candle or a diya on April 5 at 9 p.m. for nine minutes to dispel the darkness and darkness caused by the outbreak of the dreaded.

However, the letter does not mention Modi or his call to citizens.