The Dalits go digital to celebrate the 129th Ambedkar Jayanti in the middle of closing

NEW DELHI: Over time, Dalit leaders began a novel way for people across the country and abroad to express their respect and celebrate the 129th anniversary of the birth of April 14.

Due to the national blockade, meetings for any event have been strictly restricted. The National Confederation of Tribal Organizations has created a dedicated page on its website to facilitate online taxes from around the world. This will help all those who want to participate. Interested individuals can log in to the website, which will facilitate online tributes from around the world. Along with this, people can decorate the Ambedkar statue, light a lamp, and even cheer with slogans like Jai Bhim, etc. from their homes, through this facility.

The intent is to make it the biggest online event or celebration of the day, as the electronic message on social media is spreading to draw people's attention to the facility. It has already registered 23,900 visits on Monday, shortly after its launch. By Monday night, concurrent traffic on the portal had crossed 5,000. On Tuesday, the website is expected to witness increased traffic.

“We thought of this idea to prevent people, especially followers of, from gathering in places like Parliament to express their respect and to be able to offer their tributes and celebrate by staying at home. Fortunately, the idea seems to have worked and we will continue to run the portal until the closing period ends, Dalit activist and NACDOR president Ashok Bharti told TOI.

The online installation will provide each citizen with the opportunity to individually pay tribute to Ambedkar. Unlike getting lost in a crowd, these virtual media are expected to increase Dalit's solidarity across the country at a time when the community is most economically affected, due to the shutdown, Bharti said.

He added: NACDOR has been inundated with distress calls every day during the shutdown, as the majority of daily bets across the country are Dalit workers, who are stranded without money or food, and don't know where to look.