Terence Lewis Shares Fan Tweet In Response To Prime Minister Modi's 10am Announcement As It Collides With Ramayan Weather

Choreographer Terence lewis I recently came across a tweet that caught you off guard. the The best dancer in India The judge shared a photo of a tweet on his Instagram where a follower was seen making a one-time request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of his tweets.

The follower asked the honorable prime minister to change the time of his 10 am to tomorrow (April 14) speech, as it collides with the Ramayan broadcast. He also mentioned in the tweet that the television show, Ramayan It is at a crucial stage.

Terence shared the image of the two tweets on his Instagram page and asked fans about his reaction: Amidst all the hustle to keep up with quarantine times, this tweet stopped me in my tracks, and I'm still finding out if is being satirical or genuinely solicitor. What do you think of the people?

As the country heads towards the end of the 21 days of COVID-19 emergency shutdown tomorrow (April 14) PM Modi will be addressing the nation at 10 am. He might announce that the emergency shutdown could be extended by another two weeks till April 30th. The national emergency shutdown announced by the prime minister is in place from March 25 in an unprecedented measure to fight against COVID-19 .

According to a report in TOI, with 905 new cases of coronavirus reported in the last 24 hours, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country it has reached 9,352, including 324 deaths, the Union Health Ministry said on Monday.