Sir Kenny Dalglish who tested positive for coronavirus was a real shock for Jurgen Klopp

LIVERPOOL: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp He said it was a real shock to him when he met the legend of that club, Sir. Kenny Dalglish it was positive for him coronavirus .

Dalglish was admitted last Wednesday for the treatment of an infection and was subsequently tested for coronavirus. Although asymptomatic, Dalglish tested positive and remained in hospital until the weekend, when I returned home.

It was a real shock three days ago when I first found out. The boys were sent a message in our WhatsApp group and they all said: 'Wow.' What you feel at that moment is a big difference if you know someone who contracted the virus, or if you don't know it. Right now, it was like, 'Wow, one of us has it' and it was really crazy, Klopp said on the club's official website.

Klopp termed coronavirus as a 'terrible disease' and sent good wishes to Dalglish.

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We all know that this terrible disease is causing pain worldwide, but this was the first time that many of us someone with whom we have such a personal connection was affected by this measure. I had the opportunity to immediately text with one of her daughters and we discussed that, she said.