Prayagraj: Cartoons Decode Parenting During Blockade

PRAYAGRAJ: From negotiating peace to keeping your child entertained while forcing him to stay indoors amidst a blockade and a pandemic, most parents' lives today are busy.

And if there is something that most of them are looking for, it would be a guide to ensure your parenting trip is truly stress free.

A's parenting sketches and cartoons could be the solution to many of these problems. He recently launched an online cartoon series, which guides parents on how to solve problems in their relationship with their children.

Aiming to close communication gaps, these cartoons advise parents on how to act in difficult situations such as those involving food waste, sibling rivalry, children's education, and how parents could do better I work raising their children.

Ankita uploads these cartoons, sketches in the form of videos on social media websites.

It is common for feelings like monotony, irritation, and unhappiness to seep into the mind while people are confined to their homes during confinement. There are times when it can be difficult for parents to understand their children's behavior, the mother of two said.

There are times when adults themselves don't know how to react, he added.

This could be due to family problems, financial limitations, or something as simple as a child's curiosity. All parents believe that they were raised the right way and that they should follow the same strategy with their children. This could be largely true, but we should understand that there is always room for improvement in our behavior.

The writer has written books on parenting in the past and advises young parents on the subject.

According to Ankita, parents should try to be honest in answering their children's questions and not trying to impose their opinions on them.

If you feel like your child is good at something, encourage and reward him. Also, be careful to acknowledge your feelings. Feel free to start the dialogue if you feel your child is hesitant to do so. And finally, try to become friends with each other and never refuse to express your affection freely, he added.