Harish Shankar donates essentials for film journalists

While most celebrities are donating essential items and money to salaried workers who are out of work due to the blockade that has stalled movie recordings Gabbar Singh director Harish Shankar He has decided to donate to the often neglected film journalists who also face the heat of stagnant filming. I take Twitter and wrote, “Contributed groceries for 100 part-time journalists ... thank you Kranthi @KrantiKiranTRS for taking care of the process and bringing it to notice i also thank @lgorityala and his friends for their contribution .... we will be doing more ”(sic) Harish also said that he doesn't like posting pictures from donation drives but he tweeted about it to encourage other people to donate to those who are in need. He said “I also thank @HHHjoinurhands for facilitating the transportation ... generally dont want to post pictures but many are coming forward by knowing these things and, all are welcome to help each other !!” (sic). Harish Shankar is currently busy with preparing a script for Pawan Kalyan It is the following.