Covid-19: The Best Scientific Advice Releases For Automatic Handwash Stations

NEW DELHI: the principal's office Scientific The government adviser (PSA) issued on Sunday to control the spread of COVID-19 in densely populated areas and urged leaders, NGOs and corporations to implement these measures, including the rapid installation of do-it-yourself hand washing stations. They have been used worldwide to contain epidemics.

The proposed do-it-yourself handwashing station designs, as suggested by the PSA office, will allow for self-assembly by volunteers and community authorities, using accessible and locally available materials, even during the shutdown and amidst supply chain challenges.

Foot-operated stations not only reduce the chance of transmission by eliminating direct contact with potentially high infection areas, but also reduce the amount of water used by people during handwashing, a statement from the office of the PSA.

It said: The chlorination of the water dispensed in such hand washing stations adds additional effectiveness and should be considered.

“The manual highlights how frugal but effective tools can have a disproportionate positive impact. Community interaction sites such as communal restrooms and bathing areas are the focus. Community leaders, NGOs, companies, etc. are urged. to implement these and other measures, the PSA, K said, while emphasizing how these measures would be quite effective in densely populated places like Dharavi in ​​Mumbai.

The key objective of the proposed measures is to emphasize sanitation and hygiene practices and to suggest key interventions that can go a long way in controlling the spread of the disease.

The guidelines, issued by the PSA office, refer particularly to areas where toilets, toilets, or restrooms are shared. Clearly outlines good housekeeping practices to maintain sanitation and hygiene in communities.

“Simple measures such as the need to always wear facial covers and footwear in the bathroom, wash hands immediately after use and maintain social distance have been highlighted. Disinfectants have also been detailed to keep public areas and houses clean and sanitized, ”the statement said.

These guidelines will be made available to the general public, NGOs and local authorities in all languages.