This barber is going viral by wearing makeshift protective gear to protect his clients from the coronavirus

Indonesian stylist Herman Maulanasyah knows that he may seem comical in his makeshift protective gear, but he sees it as a small price if it helps protect him and his clients from the novel. coronavirus .

Dressed in a plastic sheet attached with tape, a ski mask, a gas mask, and latex gloves, Maulanasyah, 40, greets clients in his salon in the city of Bogor, South Jakarta, including when the virus spreads across the country.

Please do not judge, I am not doing it for fun or for looking ridiculous, this is how I show my appreciation to the health workers, Maulanasyah told Reuters in the salon he has led for 15 years.

Before starting to cut hair, Maulanasyah sprays her protective gear and her clients' hands with disinfectant.

He has worn the gear for the past two weeks as part of efforts to cut the risks from the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus that has killed at least 240 people and infected nearly 3,000 in the world’s fourth most populous country.

Healthcare workers in Indonesia have paid a heavy price, with at least 24 doctors dying from the disease, according to the Indonesian Medical Association. In Jakarta, 130 medical workers have been infected, according to the city government.

Jakarta ordered the closure of companies and schools in an attempt to contain the virus and plans large-scale social restrictions imposed by security personnel.

Although Maulanasyah's salon is outside Jakarta, where many of the cases have been grouped in the country, her income has decreased from approximately Rs 500,000 ($ 31) per day to Rs 100,000 ($ 6.20).

Client Abdul Rahman Fattah said it felt safer to cut his hair this way, but admitted that the cumbersome outfit Maulanasyah was wearing meant that the result was not always perfect.

As another precautionary measure, Maulanasyah only allows four people in the room and urges everyone to keep their distance.

This is to protect myself because I have a family, my son and my wife, therefore, I need to guarantee my safety at work because I do not know if the people who come here are infected or not, he said.