Aswathy Sreekanth: Let's celebrate this Vishu by staying home, introspectively and purifying ourselves for a better tomorrow

The world is going through one of the most difficult phases due to the outbreak of Corona. Despite the fact that the entire country is closed, Kerala welcomes Vishu, the beginning of a new year, with new hope. On this special day, ETimes TV spoke with the presenter Aswathy Sreekanth about his Vishu plans.

We are not in a mindset for a big celebration. But, following the custom, I will surely make a Kani and a little Sadya. I have ordered Kani items and other essentials online. I'm not sure if we would get Konnapoovu, but I don't. I think it is advisable to go out and look for it. Within limitations, we will try to make this day memorable, Aswathy said.

Speaking of celebrating the festival with the family, Aswathy said: Unfortunately, we will not be receiving many 'Vishu Kaineetams' this year. But, hoping to catch him on GPay, he laughed.

Recalling Vishu's past celebrations, Aswathy opined that this year will be remembered for many reasons.

Quoting from the popular line 'Kaalaminiyumurulum Vishu varum Varsham varum ...' by the poet NN Kakkad, Aswathy said: The lines of NN Kakkad became so real this year. Last year, even in our wildest dreams we didn't think something like this was going to happen. Time will pass, things will change, we never know what future lies ahead.

Wishing everyone a happy Vishu, the presenter urged everyone to use this time to purify themselves.

Vishu is the time when many changes occur in nature. May nature and other living beings celebrate this Vishu and purify themselves. Let's stay home and introspect, purify ourselves for a better tomorrow, he concluded.