UP: As Covid-19 cases rise sharply, Agra administration moves 20 patients to neighboring districts to manage capacity

AGRA: Following the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Agra, the district administration has transferred 20 patients to such facilities in neighboring districts to manage capacity.

While 10 patients were previously transferred to Vrindavan Community Health Center (CHC), 10 more were transferred to Bhogaon CHC on Monday due to the sudden increase in cases in Agra.

Confirming this, the magistrate, Prabhu N Singh, said that those patients who had a mild infection and who entered CHC, Barauli, were transferred as their capacity was full. He added that this was done to manage existing facilities. All protocols are strictly maintained in wards where patients are treated.

Currently, there are 26 beds available, which is considered a level 1 treatment facility. In addition, there are 18 beds at the Agra District Hospital, which is level 2, and 58 beds at SN Medical College, with 6 ventilators, a level 3 treatment center. The government has classified hospitals into three categories: Covid Care Centers for Mild Infectious Cases, Covid Health Centers for Moderately Clinically Serious Patients; and dedicated Covid hospitals to provide comprehensive care to critically ill and critically ill patients.

Meanwhile, Mainpuri and the authorities received a list of people who recently received treatment at the Paras hospital in Agra, which was declared an important epicenter of the novel. The hospital was sealed on April 6 after a woman, admitted there earlier and then referred to Mathura's private hospital, tested positive for coronavirus. So far, 22 people, including six hospital health workers, have tested positive for Covid-19.

Mainpuri DM Mahendra Bahadur Singh told TOI that 17 of those people, who received treatment at the hospital, either visited with the patient or died from some other disease, have so far been identified.

Their samples are being taken to test Covid-19 and until then they will all be quarantined in their homes, he said, adding that authorities are taking every precaution. In Mathura, three of those people have been identified and their samples will be taken on Tuesday, additional CMO Rajiv Gupta said.

So far, 138 patients have tested positive for Coronavirus in Agra followed by Firozabad (18), Mathura (5), Hathras (4), Mainpuri (3) and Aligarh (1).