Bro The Goodies' star Tim Brooke-Taylor dies at 79 due to coronavirus

British actor and comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor, star of the popular BBC series The Goodies, died of coronavirus at 79.

Brooke-Taylor's agent said on a news portal that the comedian passed away on Sunday morning.

Brooke-Taylor began her comedy career at the University of Cambridge, where she was part of the famous Footlights Club. Then he moved to radio on the public radio station, where his shows included the comedy show I'm Sorry, I'll Read It Again.

He shifted his focus to television with At Last The 1948 Show, but gained recognition with two The Goodies series, which spanned from 1970 to 1982. The popular show featured Brooke-Taylor alongside comedians. Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie .

Brooke-Taylor's last hosting gig was daytime game show “Beat The Nation” with Graeme Garden . His final TV credit was an episode of One medical soap “Doctors” in 2015.

He is survived by his wife. Christine Weadon and their two sons Ben and Edward.

As of Saturday, the death toll in the UK is 9,875.