RGV accepts defeat against KTR

Twitter pranks between KTR and Ram Gopal Varma It took a whole new turn when the director accepted defeat.

Earlier, RGV He addressed KTR on social media and wrote: Humble #KCR @KTRTRS and @ysjagan request from me, those who are bored, pulling their hair, crying like babies, joining mental hospitals and wives beaten by husbands in frustration. .. big heart like Mamata Banerjee and give us joy. (sic) His request was met with a nifty response from KTR: “Ramu garu, are you talking about haircuts I guess? (sic)

The response was lauded by many who were impressed with the Minister’s wit. RGV, admitting defeat and apologizing for replying late wrote, “Sir @KTRTRS, I somehow missed ur reply ..I love your sense of humor wrapped in a steel hard boxing punch ..My nose is red Pouting face. But I love what ur government is doing. ” (sic)