Rani Rashmoni actress Ditipriya Roy spends her time in quarantine playing with her pet Popcorn; watch video

TV actress Ditipriya Roy , who juggles between his session and his studies, is spending the emergency shutdown most effective phase. While many people are trying to figure out how to spend their free time, Ditipriya is not bored at all. The young actress, who is a student, is using this period with her parents, studying and catching up with friends and co-stars from ‘ Rani Rashmoni .

Well, there is another secret. During her stay at home, Ditipriya mainly plays with her. pet dog Popcorn. Since she can’t take the pet outside, she is making sure that her pet stays happy.

The actress has shared a small video in social media, where she can be seen playing with Popcorn. Both Ditipriya and her pet dog seem to be enjoying the home quarantine phase . The actress has also shared an important message. Talking about how Street animals are starving in the roads during the emergency shutdown , Ditipriya has urged everyone to think about them too.

Here is the video:

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Ditipriya is playing the lead role in period-drama ‘Rani Rashmoni’. The actress, who is a teenager in real life, much-aged role on-screen. She is highly praised by the audience for her performance.