Unlikely groceries you will likely find growing in your neighborhood

Did you know you can get some of your vegetables from your environment? With the blockage and difficulties in finding vegetables in the market, anyone can feel frustrated and agitated. But nature has provided us with a broad. Yogita Mehra and Karan Manral list six different types of leaves that are readily available in your neighborhood.

Tendinous Leaves: These leaves taste good when added to curries. They can be sauteed with spices and are delicious to eat.

Purslane: Weeds are commonly found and seen growing everywhere. These have thick leaves and a variety of flowers: pink, yellow, and white. They can be eaten raw or cooked.

Bauhinia Leaves - Known as Kachnar, young leaves and flower buds can be cooked in a variety of dishes. These plants are found in Goa in many places.

Drumstick Leaves - These leaves are also considered superfoods and taste amazing when added to the daal or cooked as a simple vegetable dish.

Talinum Leaves: The leaves of these plants are edible, although they may be slightly sticky. They can be eaten raw or cooked in soups or stew.

Sweet potato leaves - Usually grown for roots, the leaves are surprisingly delicious and nutritious as well, when cooked.

Be 100% sure of the leaves you eat as there could be serious harmful effects from eating the wrong plant

Do not collect leaves if the soil where they grow is contaminated

Do not choose more than you need, as it could damage the plant.