Actress Madhumita Sarcar enjoys a repeat of her show Bojhena Se Bojhena

Actress Madhumita Sarcar You may be missing the small screen, but the relationship you share with television is very close to your heart. The actress, who played the lead role in many successful television shows, became emotional when Bojhena Se Bojhena aired once again on Bengali television. In the midst of the closing phase, a series of old television shows air once again. Bengali TV series Bojhena Se Bojhena film star Yash Dasgupta and actress Madhumita Sarcar, is getting aired once again during this rerun season.

Madhumita never forgets watching the show on television. She became a household name playing the character Pakhi in the show. Apart from the love story, which was the focal point of the show, the on-screen chemistry between Yash Dasgupta and Madhumita was indeed the USP of the show.

Launched in 2013, the television series was a great success. After the success of Bojhena Se Bojhena, Madhumita concentrated on her television career and gave her success after success while Yash made Bengali films. Madhumaita was last seen on the television show ‘ Kusum Dola , Starring Aparajita, and Rishi Kaushik , which was again a success. But after the show, she's missing television and concentrating on her film career.