Exclusive! I hope everything calms down soon, and let's start shooting as soon as possible: Puja Joshi

Puja Joshi, who is highly praised by her. performance in her daily soaps, she is one of the talented actresses in Gujarati cinema . The actress has appeared on many Hindi television shows, in addition to the 2018 movie 'Aavuj Rehshe' directed by Nitin Jani . When ETimes caught up to chat with Joshi bid The actress spoke exclusively about the current Coronavirus pandemic and her daily self-quarantine routine.

Puja revealed: Life has changed a bit. But so far, it's been great! I have been working continuously for the past few years and that never gave me enough time with my family. It's not that I don't like my job, I enjoy it, but lately, I've come to realize that rest and family time are equally important. The best part is not having to get up early and having fixed plans for the day.

He also added about the effect on his work: “It has affected my work in an important way. I was about to shoot for a Hindi web series in March. But because of this, it has now been delayed. I was even supposed to start shooting for my next Gujarati movie in the first week of April. Even that schedule has gone crazy. I hope everything stabilizes soon, and let's start shooting as soon as possible.