Farah Khan talks about her anger at celebrities by posting exercise videos during the coronavirus pandemic

Last month, after the 21-day blockade, Bollywood celebrities began to share exercise routine home videos on your social networks . Farah Khan it had come out strongly against some people. Although she did not do a direct dig at someone, Deepika, in her defense, stated that exercising keeps her going.n Now, Farah, in a recent chat show, apologized and clarified to people who were afraid of his tirade. She asked them to continue working at home while she also walks her balcony for an hour every day.

Elaborating further, she added that she was disturbed by the frivolity of the situation. It also reminded people that it is not a global party and that it is a global pandemic.

Farah felt that Bollywood already does not have a great reputation for being an industry that is deep thinking even though there are a lot of people who do so much good. For her, the exercise routine videos felt like everything was about ‘look at me, look at me’.

Farah also clarified that her spiel was not directed at any particular celebrity and that it was in general. According to the choreographer-filmmaker, it was more like, this may not be the only problem. Find a way to help your neighbors or send food to people. He also added that his daughters are 12 years old and are struggling on how to feed stray dogs.

Meanwhile, on the job front, Farah will reportedly help him ‘ Satte Pe Satta Redo However, there has been no official announcement confirming the same thing yet.