Happy to see Sivakarthikeyan successful; it was like a family member, says Lakshmy Ramakrishnan

Acclaimed director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan She revealed yesterday that she was supposed to feature actor Sivakrthikeyan in 'Kurahl786', which would have been her directorial debut in 2012. But she finally made her debut with 'Aarohanam' the same year after the movie was shot. Although she mentioned that Sivakarthikeyan The character in his movie 'Kurahl786' was so far reaching that he did very well in terms of commercial success without that movie.

The two had a slight slight tiff between them when the song 'Ennamma Ipdi Panreengalema' from Sivakarthikeyan 's' Rajini Murugan' was released, a line inspired from Lakshmy Ramakrishnan. But looks like Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has put it all behind and is happy to see Sivakarthikeyan so successful and she went on to add that only his talent took him to where he is now. She also mentioned that he was like a family member to her while they were working in 'Kurahl786' for two years and she was upset that he spoke as if he didn't know her during the controversy surrounding the song 'Ennamma Ipdi Panreengalema'.

It will be interesting to know if the two will work together now after this.