Parna Pethe: After returning from the US USA, Self-quarantine was the only option

She was in the United States with the team Loving Photo Studio when the COVID-19 Outbreak was declared a pandemic. As she returned past the emergency shutdown In India, Parna Pethe narrates how the last month has been for her.

I was in home-quarantine for two weeks after returning from the US where we had gone for a tour of our play Loving Photo Studio . In this period, I didn’t even step out of the house. It’s been a little over a week since that period is over and though I am practicing social distancing, the end of my compulsory self-quarantine came as a small relief.

A little over a month ago, we were promoting our movie, Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal and preparing for the tour between the United States and Canada. But in 15-20 days everything changed. We went to the United States, we did three shows, the other shows were canceled, our flights were canceled, we were stuck in an airport for hours before finally taking a flight to Mumbai. It was chaos.

 Parna Pethe  at her home

The self-quarantine was repaired upon return because it had been in multiple risk areas, including three and four airports. After landing in Mumbai, we took a taxi and returned home immediately. My partner Alok (Rajwade) was at his parents' house and we met only after my quarantine period ended.

Our residential society was where the first cases of COVID-19 from Pune were found, but everyone here has been cooperative and helpful.

The only thing this whole crisis has taught me is that life is uncertain. We take everything for granted, but we should never. I like being at home, but I never am, for work. Last month was random, but I took advantage of the time I spent for myself. I'm reading, watching series, and catching up on movies.

I also realized that we are self-sufficient and can manage without having to depend on anyone, but we are just lazy to do it.

 Parna Pethe  cooking

With that said, I feel this is a matter of privilege. We are privileged, we have a roof on our heads, a place to quarantine and money to buy what we need. But there are people who do not have all this. For them, it is a greater challenge compared to us, the privileged lot.