It's a quiet Easter at home for the Goans

With people confined to their homes due to closure, Easter this year is very different in Goa. However, many families have chosen not to let the ongoing crisis humiliate their spirits, despite the fact that today's traditional Easter luncheon will see fewer family members gather and far fewer dishes.

Cook with whatever they have

Most families have planned a simple Easter menu. Conrad Barreto, from Margao says: “Easter will be like any other day of the period of confinement, except that we will eat meat and drink. We are going to cook some food that we have stored like sausages and prawns and we will stay home. We will get our Easter eggs through home delivery and we will have to listen to the online church service. ” Glenda Mascarenhas of Panaji will also cook prawns for Easter Sunday lunch. Minus the chicken and other red meat, we will have prawn pulao, stew and mackerel mold . Last year we had a party, with sannas , roast chicken, meat dishes and a variety of desserts, he said.

glenda 4 stew

Time to be creative

Maendra Alvares, from Margao, will delight in sausages and egg pulao. We need to find ways to get the most out of what's available around the house. Before the COVID-19 virus, you could plan your menu and cook earlier. Now you have to plan and cook with the ingredients available to you. Therefore, this is a good time to cook creatively. While Varca's Maria D'Souza has eggs and no meats in her fridge, therefore, it will be time for some Biryani egg. Usually we ate a roast chicken and the kids came to lunch, hopefully after the closing we could have a meeting, he added.


No more family gatherings this Easter

Easter was one of the many occasions when the family celebrated together and celebrated a banquet, but this year there will be no celebrations since most are limited to their homes. Joyce Teles, from Vasco, is taking the bull run positively: “In our house, we are thinking positively and we hope to celebrate Easter. This blockade has led us in many ways to spend quality time as a family. We bake hot cross buns on Maundy Thursday. Even though we have to miss the midnight Easter mass, we plan to listen to the online service. There is no traditional Easter lunch with family members, but we plan to make a family video call. The children are making Easter greetings for their grandparents and cousins. I guess we are adapting to this moment and trying to make it as meaningful as possible. This year, Maria also plans to make a video call to her children during lunch.