Do you feel sad about the retirement of the trip?

Do you have itchy feet in time from Covid-19 travel bans and restrictions? We show you how to deal with restlessness fueling your passion for home travel.

If you are one of those people who lives and breathes travel and spends a lot of time planning your next travel itineraries, these months of travel ban, isolation and social estrangement are likely to make you saddened by the retirement of the trip.

Traveling is undoubtedly beyond the feeling of excitement that comes from packing your suitcase and heading to a new city or country. There are several reasons why people travel around the world. Many seek solitude and learn different cultures and races, which in turn gives them comfort. Traveling is a very enriching and satisfying experience, says psychologist Dr. Seema Hingorrany. In addition, traveling and meeting new people promotes happiness and helps you forget about stressful situations.

However, with the rapid Covid-19 outbreak, border closings, and other travel restrictions, worry-free travel around the world seems like a distant dream. Covid-19 has managed to eliminate travel from our lives. I think it would take at least six months for normality to return, so I might be able to travel carefree again. Currently, the travel-loving community is standing still. For now, all we can do is dream of a virus-free world where we can go back to doing what we love most: exploring the world safely! says travel curator Shalini KJ.

This is how you feed your passion for travel and stay positive until you roam the world again

Corona Time Travel Retreat

If you're an avid traveler, the Covid-19 global crisis is likely to affect your travel plans for a long time, making you feel lost and desolate. Many people want to travel more and more because they see that traveling has changed their perspectives, broadened their horizons and increased their level of knowledge and awareness about life in general. People who are used to traveling, when isolated, go through the sadness of traveling. They may feel depressed, irritable, and restless for no apparent reason. Most of them complain about dreaming of places they want to go to and get up feeling that they will never be able to, says Hingorrany. For people who make a living from their passion for traveling, not being able to travel for a couple of months would be like missing an important piece of the puzzle of life. For travel photographers, the current situation is similar to waiting forever for their turn to hit, with the pads and gloves on. It's a great cold turkey for whom travel is a must-have solution, says passionate travel photographer Chittaranjan Desai.

Dealing with the blues

With countries around the world increasingly taking radical steps to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, including closing airports, imposing travel restrictions, and completely sealing their borders, the travel-loving community is pleased to hold on to the pleasurable aspects of your travel experiences. . Did you learn to cook French food during your last trip to France? Try some of those recipes with the ingredients available in your home. Alternatively, you can make the most of this time to work on processing travel photos or completing incomplete travel journals. I can see many people who are regular travelers confined to their homes only because, at the time, it is the right thing to do. They have been posting photos of what they are doing at home, how they are keeping busy. Many travel bloggers are using this time to organize their photos, albums, put their videos in their place, complete all the pending blogs they wanted to write but couldn't - this forced respite allows us to finish all the work that the business doesn't give us. allowed to do, says travel entrepreneur Devendra Parulekar. Another option is to play a tourist in your own city. With all the nearby and distant travel plans on file, I could travel to the outskirts of my own city to discover some hidden seascapes and deserts to enjoy and photograph. Currently, the emphasis is on the desert, says Desai. If traveling is in your blood, it is a good time to sit back and research for your future journey. You may want to be the first man to see the dolphin in the Grand Canal before the waters get muddy again. Let's take this opportunity to rest a bit, look with lust at some travel photos and make our wish lists for the future. Anticipation is the best antidote today, says travel entrepreneur Devendra Parulekar.

At the moment, traveling is not advisable. However, very soon, once everything stabilizes, people will start traveling more, as they would have realized how fickle and transitory life is. While people avoid going out, eating, and traveling anywhere, they would be eager to get out and explore after a long break.

- Kitisha Gaglani, founder of a boutique resort.

While staying home during Covid-19, one can certainly make a quick list of vacations after the crown. Think about places closer to home in the first few weeks. Travelers may wish to search for less crowded and unusual destinations, looking for manageable places. Booking hotel chains and homestays you've previously stayed in could boost your confidence.

- Shoba Mohan, travel expert.

I had a photo shoot in Goa, but looking at the current scenario, I feel it is my responsibility to stay home and stay in quarantine. For now, I have stopped meeting people and stop dating unless absolutely necessary. I really want to travel again, only after the Corona scare ends.

- Bhakti Kubavat

This spring/summer, I was planning to go to Germany to train. But due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, I have put my plan on hold. I am anxiously waiting for life to return to normal.

- Harmeet Desai


1. All your Instagram posts are throwbacks from your travels.

2. You relate all the things you do at home with the things you experienced on your vacation.

3. Seeing photos and memories of trips from the places where you have been breaks your heart.

4. You get excited every time a scene in a movie features a place you went on your journey.

5. You are counting the days until your next break