The cast of Friends has secretly recorded a 90-minute special for their reunion

The cast of Friends had confirmed that they were meeting for a special, but plans were delayed due to the coronavirus. Now they have secretly recorded a 90-minute special.

Actress Courteney Cox and director Ben Winston filmed a simulated essay on the Zoom live video app, the source reports.

As soon as filming was canceled, everyone started panicking as it took a long time to line up their schedules, there was a deep fear that it could take a year or even longer to reunite them all, a source said.

Courtney immediately arranged a Zoom meeting for them and they all logged in to brainstorm - brainstorm and bring the producers to a session they called a mock rehearsal and chatted for nearly two hours.

They have had daily meetings and Jen (Aniston), who has the busiest of the six hours, has assured them that she will do everything possible to ensure that they do not have to wait months to film the meeting.

Their Zoom sessions have been a lot of fun, and there is hilarious footage that they hope can be streamed as a series of teasers or even as a standalone special.

Sixteen years after its last broadcast, the entire original cast: David Schwimmer Matt LeBlanc Matthew Perry , Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston - They have registered for the meeting.

A new broadcast date has not yet been set after filming stopped due to Covid-19.