Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticized for staying home message

TOKYO: The message to stay at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's home that he tweeted on Sunday has provoked angry reactions on social media from those who call him insensitive to people who cannot rest at home due to the government's social distancing measures that have not they come with compensation.

Some tweets said he acted like he was an aristocrat, and others said: What does he think he is? A one-minute video shows Abe sitting at home, expressionless, hugging his dog, reading a book, drinking from a mug, and clicking a remote control.

The video, on a split screen, features popular singer and actor Gen Hoshino playing guitar at home, but later posted on his Instagram that his clip was used without his permission.

Abe declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and six other prefectures last Tuesday, asking people to stay home and reduce human interactions by up to 80 percent, but many Japanese companies are slow to switch to remote work and it was seen to many people commuting even after declaration.

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> As of Sunday, Japan had 7,255 confirmed cases, as well as 712 other cases of a quarantined cruise ship earlier this year.