India's crown count exceeds 9,000; deaths increase more than 300

NEW DELHI: India's coronavirus case count crossed 9,000 on Sunday, while the number of deaths exceeded 300 on a day when 763 new cases and up to 39 deaths were reported from the states. Maharashtra contributed greatly to both figures, even when five people succumbed to the disease in Delhi.

Maharashtra reported 221 new cases and 22 deaths, both highest second-day numbers for the state (or any other state in India). So far, the state has recorded 1982 cases and 149 deaths. Mumbai only accounted for 16 deaths, its highest number in one day, and 152 new cases.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country was 9,188 late Sunday night with 763 new cases, while the number of deaths was 329.

The Covid-19 outbreak has now spread to more than 350 districts, covering almost 50% of the country, the sources said. Cases in the country have doubled in the past six days since around 4,700 were reported on April 6. This could indicate a slight slowdown in the doubling rate, from 4.2 days reported a few days ago.

On Sunday, Delhi confirmed 85 new cases, bringing its case count to 1,154, the second highest in the country after Maharashtra. The five deaths reported in the capital brought the total number to 24.

Almost 64% of the total cases in Delhi were linked to the Nizamuddin group. Another hotspot in the state is an oncology hospital in East Delhi, the Delhi State Cancer Institute, where 26 people, including doctors, nurses and some patients, have tested positive for the new coronavirus. A cancer patient, who was transferred to a private hospital last week, was confirmed positive for Covid-19 on Sunday. His assistant has also tested positive for the disease, sources said.

Covid-19's outlook remained bleak in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, which recorded 106 and 104 new cases, bringing its total count to 1,075 and 804, respectively. Both states also recorded new deaths, one in Tamil Nadu and two in Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, Agra has become another entry point for the virus in Uttar Pradesh. Of the 491 cases registered in the state, the Agra district now represents 104 cases.

Gujarat recorded 48 new cases, bringing the state count to 516. Of the new positives, 39 were recorded from Ahmedabad alone, bringing the city count to 282. Vadodara became the second Gujarat city to cross the mark on Sunday. three-digit, with your account up to 101.

As of the official briefing by the state health department so far, the death toll in Gujarat was 24, with two more deaths reported from Ahmedabad on Sunday. However, one more death was also recorded in Vadodara later in the evening, bringing the count to 25. The three victims of COVID-19 included a 75-year-old man from the Ghodasar area of ​​Ahmedabad who also had hypertension, 60 years - An elderly woman from Ahmedabad who had lung disease and a Nagarwada resident in Vadodara who already had dengue, authorities said.

Karnataka reported 17 new cases of Covid-19, its biggest jump in a single day so far, bringing the total count of infected to 232.

One more person died as Covid-19 in Andhra Pradesh raised the state's death toll to two. A total of 420 people have been confirmed positive for Covid-19 in the state.

In Telangana, two more people died from Covid-19 on Sunday and their death toll was 16. Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao said: “It is clear that the coronavirus is not stopping and is spreading. There is an increase in positive cases across the country and the death toll has also increased. The Telangana coronavirus total rose to 531 on Sunday.

There was some cheer on the part of Kerala, which registered only two positive cases on Sunday, while 36 people were declared recovered and had been negative for the disease.

In Jammu and Kashmir, 21 new cases of coronavirus were reported, bringing the total to 245. Two more positive cases of Covid-19 were detected in Jharkhand, bringing the total number of positive cases in state to 19 of which 17 are active and two have died.

At Chhattisgarh's largest Covid-19 peak, 13 people tested positive Sunday in the city of Katghora, which was sealed three days ago after eight people became infected due to contact with a group of isolated Jamaatis in a mosque. This small town now represents 22 of Chhattisgarh's 30 cases, most of which apparently date back to a 16-year-old Nagpur boy, whose source of infection is still unknown. The teenager, a zero patient from Katghora, was released from AIIMS-Raipur on Sunday. >