West Bengal (M) CPI demands further testing of Covid-19

KOLKATA: Demanding a considerable increase in tests to determine the spread of Covid-19 in West Bengal, the IPC (M) leader on Sunday accused the state government of lack of transparency by declaring the number of people killed and affected.

Claiming that West Bengal was conducting a much smaller number of tests compared to several other states in the country, the CPI (M) secretary of state said that rapid tests (PCR) of people in large numbers should be carried out to determine the amount of the disease. it is actually spreading in the state.

Even the expert committee formed by the state government has also called for exhaustive tests so that a greater percentage of the population is under the scanner, he said in a press conference through social networks from the headquarters of the CPI (M) party. here.

While he maintains that Kerala has done exemplary work in dealing with Covid-19, Mishra said that West Bengal has done far less testing of people than many other states.

There should also be transparency in declaring the figures, as people need to know how many people have been infected with the disease and also from what places and districts they come from so that the general public can be more cautious in those areas, he said.

Questioning the numbers of deceased and affected people given by the state government, the IPC (M) leader said that the numbers given by the state government and those available from other sources vary greatly.

The West Bengal government has stated that so far five people have died from Covid-19, while maintaining that in the event of comorbidity along with the application of coronavirus, a state-appointed committee will determine the reason for such death.

Comorbidity means that a person may have had other illnesses, but if it was discovered that they had coronaviruses, then the person must be declared dead of the virus, he said.

Mishra said that it is already an established fact that if a person has diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, then there is an increased risk of death if the coronavirus is inflicted.

Affirming that there are signs of community transmission of the disease, he said the government should be more careful and take steps to stop it.

He said widespread rapid tests should be done to identify areas where the disease has been occurring the most.

Mishra said that poor people and workers in the unorganized sector are suffering due to the closure.

Each of these people should receive 5,000 rupees at the Center along with free ration during the closing period so that no one starves, he said.

Mishra also claimed that attempts were being made from some sections to spread the communalism virus on the issue of the Nizamuddin congregation, while questioning what the Union Interior Ministry was doing when permission to hold the meeting was given.