The number of Covid-19 containment zones in Delhi increases to 43

NEW DELHI: The capital's sprawling network on Sunday covered luxury neighborhoods east of Kailash in southeast Delhi. Three separate locations in eastern Kailash have been converted into containment areas.

The number of containment zones increased to 43 when the government published the list of 10 new containment zones in 24 hours, until Saturday the capital had only 33 containment zones. A total of 1154 positive Covid-19 cases have been found in Delhi so far and 85 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. The number of Covid-19 deaths in Delhi rose to 24 on Sunday.

H. No. 97 to 107 and H. No. 120 to 127 Kailash Hills under eastern Kailash became a buffer zone in addition to E Block (E-284 to E-294) and H.No. 53 to 55 and 25, Shera Mohalla. All three of these locations have been sealed off and barricaded to stop anyone living within the area from leaving or from outside entering.

Two separate containment zones were created in the Jaitpur Extension, Part II - H. No. 1134 to 1144 and 618 to 623 under the Khadda Colony and H. No. 811 to 829 and 835 to 842 under the Khadda Colony. The Gali No 16 Kachi Colony in Madanpur Khadar also became a containment area.

Two separate containment zones were created in the Anu Fazal Enclave: Block H near Umra Masjid and Block E.

Gali No. 1 to 10 under Block C of Jahangirpuri and Gali No. 5 and 5A, Block H-2 under Colonia BengalĂ­ of the Mahavir Enclave also became containment areas.

Containment zones are created after positive cases of COVID-19 are detected in the areas to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread beyond these zones. All containment areas have been completely sealed off and police personnel deployed to keep guard and the disinfection exercise is being carried out by local urban agencies. Controls and tests are also carried out on people living within the containment areas.