Akriti Kakar: As a singer, my moral duty is to reach out to people and spread happiness through music in these difficult times.

Bollywood singer Akriti Kakar fully compatible with the concerts on social networks that various singers, bands and artists are performing around the world to entertain their fans amidst Coronavirus crisis.nAs a singer, artist and performer, what is my moral duty? It is reaching people and spreading happiness through me music In these difficult times I never became a singer just to earn money. That is always a by-product or a bonus. I wanted to sing and I will continue to do so even if it is through social media platforms, as I know someone sitting somewhere is drawing a smile or some hope to have a difficult and not so good day. I see that the entire fraternity almost does ... and is so beautiful in its own way. I have also donated for the well-being of the daily salaried workers in our industry, as their livelihood has suffered a major blow due to this, Akriti told Bombay Times through a recent email interaction.