Fashion designers join the fight against coronavirus and start producing masks

After obtaining permission from the authorities, designer Ritu Kumar began producing around 50,000 masks. The manufacture of these non-surgical face masks has already started at their factory and the first batch of more than 1,500 masks was delivered to NGOs on Saturday. We first committed to making 20,000 masks. But after delivering the first batch, we are now targeting 50,000 skins, says the designer. She adds that the work is being done by only 10-12 workers and they are sitting far apart and we make sure everything is sanitized. As we have more space available, we are going to ask the authorities to allow us to involve more tailors, so that we can speed up the process. We hope that others will also be granted permission and we can all contribute in this fight against coronavirus . Ritu aims to reach his goal later this month.

Masks at Ritu Kumar's factory

Mask made by Pallavi Mohan

Another designer involved in the production of facial masks is Pallavi Mohan. His team of 30 workers manufactures 350 printed cotton fabric masks available daily from his factory. I have all the permissions to produce these skins. We are making three-layer cotton masks with fabric that was already with us. I keep the stock ready to meet the increased demand in the future, Pallavi reports. Previously I was also making masks with filters.

Ritu Kumar and Pallavi Mohan