Gujarat: 5 paramilitary companies to help the police enforce the blockade

AHMEDABAD: Received five paramilitary forces to enforce the outbreak, and they will be deployed to Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara, Shivanand Jha Police Director-General said on Sunday.

These five companies comprise two each from the Border Force and the Central Industrial Security Force, and one from CRPF women, she said.

Two will be deployed in Ahmedabad and Surat, while one will be stationed in Vadodara. The women's company will be published in Ahmedabad, she said.

Jha said three of the 26 Tablighi Jamaat members tracked in Bharuch have tested positive for the coronavirus, and an FIR has been filed against three team members to travel to Bhavnagar during the shutdown.

He said that nine team members tested positive in Ahmedabad.

Jha said that the vehicles seized during the lockdown will be returned to the owners according to the directive of the Chief Minister.

An ambulance in Morbi and Anand was intercepted while transporting people, he added.

We have housed 496 FIRs using drone footage, with a total of 4,463 FIRs housed so far using such footage, and 9,920 people arrested. Based on CCTV footage, 88 FIRs were housed Saturday and 149 arrested, he said.

So far, 706 FIRs and 1,194 people have been housed, while 365 people have been kept and 36 FIRs have been filed regarding fake news and rumors, and nine accounts have been closed, he added.