Villagers brutally kill a leopard in UP's Ghazipur district

VARANASI: An angry mob of villagers brutally killed one in a wheat field near the village under the boundaries of the Nonahara police station on Sunday. Three villagers were also injured when the beast attacked them in an attempt to escape.

Divisional Forest Officer Ghazipur said that while villagers ignored instructions from forest department officials and police to leave the area where the leopard was hiding, and brutally killed him, one case was registered against them of section 9/51 of the wildlife protection law with the police. The leopard carcass was sent for an autopsy, he added.

The Susundi native became aware of the leopard's arrival in his village when he tried to attack a local and he raised the alarm. After that, hundreds of villagers surrounded the wheat field, where the leopard entered and hid. Upon obtaining information, the Nonahara police also arrived there.

Tripathi said the district magistrates office alerted him at 10 a.m. and after rushing Ranger Sadar and speaking to the circle officer he also arrived at the scene. He said he and police officers repeatedly yelled at the villagers with shouts to leave the area in order to allow forest officials to catch the leopard.

However, the crowd of villagers began to scream after surrounding the field as the beast made an attempt to escape. In the same attempt, he attacked the mafia because three villagers suffered injuries. Later, villagers brutally beat the leopard with sticks and killed it on the spot, said Tripathi.