Akriti Kakar: My sisters have taught me how to never underestimate myself

Bollywood musician and performer Akriti Kakar is one of the lucky ones who shares her passion for music with her brothers . Akriti, whose younger twin sisters - Sukriti and Prakriti - are also well-known singers, seeks inspiration from them. "Aaah ! My sisters have taught me how to be more practical in life and how to never undervalue myself. Im someone who can give a limb for someone I care for and often have faced consequences for being so open hearted. They’re younger than me and also older than me in many ways hahaha. They help me curtail that emotion and keep it in check. I still go out of my way to do things for people. Musically, we keep exchanging a lot of music . I introduce them to yesteryear gems and they play me incredible new music . The exchange is always beautiful. But I don’t lose myself in the process," she told Bombay Times through an email interaction.