MHA again writes to the Bengal government to ensure strict compliance with the blockade

KOLKATA: A day after objecting to the gradual dilution of, the Union again wrote to the state government on Sunday asking it to take the necessary steps to ensure strict adherence to curves following alleged rape incidents in Murshidabad and Siliguri.

The letter written by an undersecretary of the (internal security division) to the state secretary general and the chief police officer (DGP) was sent on Sunday, authorities said.

It is reported that a large number of people in the establishment were distributing essential products, and shops dealing with non-essential products were open in Siliguri. Furthermore, the blockade was also violated in some mosques in the Murshidabad district, the letter said.

You are requested to take the necessary measures to guarantee strict compliance with the lockout measures. District authorities and field agencies can therefore turn to prevent such recurrence in the future, he added.

A senior state government official, when contacted, described it as a routine exchange of information between different government agencies.

This was the third MHA missive to the West Bengal government regarding the violation of the blockade measures. The first and second were sent on April 4 and 10, respectively.

The Union Interior Ministry in its letter on Saturday had opposed what it called a gradual dilution of state lockdown, saying it allowed non-essential goods stores to be opened and that the police also authorized religious gatherings.