Paes video clubs of him and Bhupathi, shared on social media

MUMBAI: Leander Paes on Sunday he clubbed his and Mahesh Bhupathi Taking the challenge videos 'Frying Pan' together in a fun collage for those who wanted to see him and his former Grand Slam winner partner playing together again.

The video, which the legendary Paes shared on his Twitter account, causes him and Mahesh to denounce a tennis Ball on the wall with a pan with the iconic song 'Yeh Dosti Hum Na Chhodenge' from the movie 'Sholay' playing in the background.

For all those who wanted to see us play together, Paes wrote along with that post.

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"[email protected],"bhupathireplied.avidindiantennisfans,whohavebeenfedonadietofpaesandbhupathiwinninggrandslamstogetherwhilegrowingup,hadcalledforthepairtojoinhandsagainwiththeolympicsslatednextyear.

The nostalgic call came true after the duo exchanged pranks on social media about a 'Skillet' challenge started by the legendary Paes. While Paes still has time to call his illustrious career, Bhupathi retired at one point and recently served as the non-player captain of India. Davis cup equipment.

In a recent Twitter exchange, Paes challenged fans to accept the 'Skillet' challenge.

Here's a challenge for you while we're locked up! How many can they do? I am challenging all of you. Send your tickets with the Frying Pan Challenge, tag me and I'll share the best, few! Paes had tweeted along with the video of him hitting volleys without looking with a frying pan.

Bhupathi, who had been associated with Paes in men's doubles for many years in the past, was amazed at the 46 years. Quoting the video posted ATP Bhupathi wrote on Twitter: Man can play with anything.

Bhupathi did his part with a smaller pan and said: @Leander here you go, I tried your not looking, talking to the camera version, but I don't have that kind of ability, so I downsized to a mini pan to make it a challenge .

You've always had crazy skills and I remember that the volley won us some Grand Slams, Paes tweeted in response to Bhupathi. Bhupathi has won three of his four Grand Slam doubles titles with Paes. The pair have had their differences well documented in the past with much to say about their icy relationship off the court.